With the advent of Star Wars and Star Trek series and other sci-fi books and movies, words such as parallel universe, alternate reality, other dimensions, different history and multiverse have become commonplace. Theories authenticating and validating both the existence and non-existence of such entities do proliferate.

According to, the concept known as a “parallel universe” suggests that there could be other universes besides our own, where all the choices you made in this life is played out in alternate realities and this is a facet of the astronomical theory of the multiverse.

The Chronicles of Narnia” (1950-56), a C.S. Lewis book series features several children who move between our world and the world of Narnia, where there are talking animals.” C.S.Lewis was one of the first people to popularise the idea of parallel universes and in his books there are pools that acts as portals to a great many different worlds where things are very different from our own – the wardrobe itself being considered a portal to another world. Alternate realities are worlds that exists next to, in parallel of, or in place of our own.

Reality is what we experience as human beings and is determined by way of our senses. These sensory inputs, plus some special processing of sensory information by our brains ensures that we have a rich flow of information from the environment to our minds. Our entire experience of reality is simply a combination of this sensory information and our brain’s sense-making mechanisms of that information. It stands to reason then, that if you can present your senses with other information, your perception of reality would also change in response to it.

Now the Bible cites people who have perceived something beyond the normal. It showcases many instances where people comprehended beyond what their natural senses dictated. Their reactions and action were then an outcome of this perception. The input from their natural senses was layered over with input from another real sense called faith. This enabled them to live in an alternate reality that’s different from the normal one.

For example, an old man, Abraham, who along with his wife, had lost the ability to bear children, believed God’s promise that he would have a child . His reality was not shaped by natural senses or practical or common sense, but by his faith. He was one who lived in an alternate reality because ‘against all hope believed in hope that he might become father of many nations’. And he did have a son born to him in his old age.

Moses, commander-in-chief of the armies of the greatest nation at that time, refused the privileges of being part of a royal house. His reality was shaped by his faith that allowed him to see ‘the One no one could see’ and the reward that was He gives. Therefore, he chose a hard life with God’s people rather than an opportunistic soft life with the oppressors of his people.

Jesus, the ultimate man, walked on water, healed lepers, raised the dead, turned water into wine and allowed Himself to be crucified and buried because He allowed His reality to be forged by faith. This sense empowered Him to see past the obvious to the imperceptible and therefore, He was able to overcome even natural limits and limitations.

These are few examples, but there were many others who also did the unthinkable and many today who do the unimaginable and the impossible. All of them are able to do exploits beyond the ordinary because their reality was not confined to what their senses indicated. It is created, coded and colored by faith so that they lived beyond the natural.

Faith is the sense that enables us to live in alternate reality, a realm that supercedes the natural reality shaped by normal senses. The perks of living in this alternate reality is that things which seems impossible become possible. This alternate reality is over, above and beyond the natural reality.

The choice is yours to decide which reality you will be part of and which sense you choose to live by!

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Small Town Things

Dad was transferred to Tiruvarur on promotion as it’s police head. We joined him during vacations at the end of the school year.

One of the five traditional capitals of the Chola Empire, this town’s life in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu revolved around a famous temple and it’s water tank. We were privileged to witness the temple car festival and the temple tank float festival, the two major events of the town.

Dad lived in one of the four streets that bordered the temple tank. Every night Dad would unwind with a swim round the temple tank. He never missed a day.

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My daughter, who is good at play writing, writes, directs and stages, along with her husband, a play for her church’s Christmas celebration every year. This year the title of the play was Christmessy and it portrayed how everything was truly a mess on that first Christmas.

You would think that when God sent His Son into the world as a baby, things would be in order and everything would go smoothly. Yet it was not so!

Christmas is the mass for Christ and was introduced to celebrate the coming of a savior.

It is not about merry making but about picking up the fallen human race and restoring them to their original state.

God stepped into our mess, picked us from our messed up state and made those accepted Him, a chance to be clean and free of the mess of our own making, forever!

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Déjà vu

Déjà vu is a feeling of having already experienced the present situation. The expression is derived from the French, meaning “already seen.” When it occurs, it seems to spark our memory of a place we have already been, a person we have already seen, or an act we have already done.

Every year begins the same way – an euphoria at the newness of it all, an excitement at the fresh start, a celebration of new life, a joy at the glimpse of great possibilities and a sense of hope at the vision of new horizons. We dance drunk, renewed with vigor at the momentary glance at what can be. The future is in our hands and the world is at our feet. All this for just a day or at the most just for a week. In the case of 2020, it may hold till the 5th of Jan, after which we face the first full week of life and work!

Suddenly reality seems to step in to glaze our eyes with a film of distress and discouragement. A sense of deja vu sets in as we begin to do the same tasks, shoulder the same burdens, face the same challenges, pay the same same bills and field the same questions of life.

We begin to see the world again with jaded outlook and our shoulders begin to droop as we realize nothing has really changed. No magic hand has swished it all away with a wave of its wand. We have to go through the same seasons, go through the same motions and experience the same happenings. Our enthusiasm drains away as our rosy picture starts getting brushed over with fifty shades of grey.

At this point, life just seems to be a cycle of whatever will be will be. A sense of futility and fatality begins to cloud the clear sight we had on that first day of the year. What is the use, we sigh, it was just a mirage of newness and freshness, a momentary spike in excitement!

Yet, even though life seems to be an endless cycle of same things occurring in the same way over and over, again and again, like a wheel, let’s remember one thing. A wheel has two motions viz., a rotatory movement around its own axis, but also a translational movement on a horizontal plane. Even though it seems to go round and round the same circle, it also accomplishes progress from point A to point B – it’s cyclic process enabling its forward movement.

Life is not a rocking chair that has a periodic motion but no simultaneous forward motion. Life is not static, but dynamic and marches on with pulsating changes towards a new normal, constantly. The redeeming feature of the repetition of same things day after day, month after month and year after year is that it enables escalation and advancement. It is by the consistency of reoccurrences that humankind advances relentlessly inspite of deterrents to its progress.

As we stood in the first day of the new year, many of us may have experienced a déjà vu, a feeling of I have been here, I have done this before and it is the same beginning of a year. There may have been a sense of boredom at the tedium of occurrences and a sense of weariness at the monotony of happenings. Yet it is crucial to realize that it is this very iterative process that enables concrete construction, like the consistent laying down of bricks in a line day after day to build a house.

Let’s take heart to also remember that this uniformity of life is what undergirds it with stability. It’s the very humdrum of life that enables us, by and large, to assess what we may expect and plan accordingly. It is this very uniformity that gives life solid foundations to build on, never fearing that the world will suddenly be turned topsy turvy.

Let’s know that King Solomon the Wise, after examining everything points out that: Whatever happens or can happen has already happened before. God makes the same thing happen again and again. Eccl 3:15 GNB

Let’s take heart that the Bible promises As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease. (Gen 8:22 NIV)

Let’s remember that there is something fresh to look forward each day: Because of the Lord ’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. (Lam 3:22‭-‬23 NIV)

Let’s not forget, in the midst of this sense of déjà vu, that a constructive application and accomplishment is being achieved, daily.

Let’s have a sense of the big picture and wait another 365 days before we give up on life!

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