The Christmas story throws up a slew of events and people, primarily the call of Mary and the acceptance of Joseph, the star and three kings, the angels and shepherds, Herod and the massacre of infants, the warning and the flight to Eygpt at night, etc.

In this milieu, we often forget an important figure, central to the Christmas plot, yet neglected since he is hidden in plain sight. That person is Joseph, a man of piety and faith, carpenter by trade, chosen to be father to the Son of God.

Apart from the Catholic Church conferring sainthood and celebrating a feast each year (Mar 19th) in his honor, the christian world, in general, tends to ignore or sideline Joseph, and forget the part he played in the birth and life of Christ.

This is the season to take a hard look at him and learn from his life. Many a hidden truth comes to light when we consider him.

Read my account of him in: https://www.patheos.com/blogs/spicedmulling/2022/12/the-oft-forgotten-figure-in-the-christmas-manger-scene-joseph/

*Pic courtesy https://osjusa.org/st-joseph/art/st-joseph-worker-2/


Turn me back, Lord, to my first love for you,
Show me where I am prostituting and wandering,
Exchanging your faithful tenderness for fickle infatuation,
Moving away your unfailing constancy to fatal distractions.

Seductions surround me with enticing froth,
Broken and bruised by them I limp along the road of life,
Yet I know not why I am so easily drawn to their burning flame,
Knowing well they singe me quick, lewving me scarred and a black mark.

You woo me with solid substance and everlasting grace,
Anchored on the firm foundations of your eternal nature,
That ever works only for my good, and not to my harm,
Why then do I not make my heart fully yours, and help it be fully yours.

Capture me, Lord, and free me from the shackles that entangle me
Deliver me from self and flesh that choke the life out of me.
Walk me down the narrow road, with my eyes fixed on you,
Let me your love slave be, trusting you to keep me true to you, all my days!

Wrote this after reading and meditating the book of Hosea in the Bible

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