When God is my deepest pleasure,
I display Him as my highest treasure.
Who can know the worth of His greatest measure,
Or understand the extent of His gracious pressure!

When God is my eternal loving Father,
Why do I need the favor of another.
For Him I am not a nuisance or a bother,
I constantly look to Him for anchor and tether!

When God is my source and supply,
I don’t need to anywhere look or apply.
He won’t let even a day go simply by,
Without any provision or something for me to buy!

When God is my only Lord and Lifegiver,
I just need to look to Him to change my behavior.
Where could I run from my precious Savior,
That teaches me to love everyone as my neighbor!

When He is my ever constant friend and Lover
I have not to seek anyone to be my protective cover.
He’ll overshadow me with His kindly power
I run eagerly after Him for His glories to discover!

When He is enough to satisfy my deepest desire,
What else do I need for to reach or aspire.
He is with me in every day I breathe and respire,
How can I not follow Him and scintillate as a live wire!

*Poem inspired by a tweet by John Piper: “When God is our deepest pleasure, we display him as our highest treasure.”
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Fill us this day, O Spirit of God,
With the power promised by our Lord.
Fill us until we are overflowing the rim,
Thoroughly sated and up to the brim!

Anoint us again that we may be,
Navigating our trail as easy as it can be.
Saturate us with your wonderful presence,
That we may joyfully go about your business!

Touch us such that we would ever be,
Refreshed not dessicated as dry air.
Restore us such that we would ever be,
Renewed not dehydrated in despair!

Teach us to prioritize and progress,
So we won’t be depressed neither digress.
Help us to produce and reproduce
So we won’t be oppressed neither regress!

Let living waters out of our belly flow,
Pervading our systems and setting them aglow.
Help us really to consider and know,
Though broken, we still can rise and go!

Cover us with clouds of thundering rain,
Drenched with your life, we can overcome pain.
Fall softly on us like the morning dew,
Rejuvenated by your grace, we can surely grow!

Walk with us, dear Lord, as kith and kin,
So we can overcome sorrow and sin.
Reside with us, dear Friend, in life and death,
So we can rest assured you’re in till end!

*This was inspired by what Ps Benedict Joseph (@AjBenedict) prayed in Sunday Service at NLAG church, Little Mount, Chennai, S.India
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God loves to choose someone and send,
He’s does it from the beginning to the end,
He sent His Son from heaven for us to mend,
So we would to the world Him recommend!

His people He does call and apprehend,
Out of safety on Him to depend,
For them, He does others reprimand,
As they on earth do Him represent!

If you will but go when He does send,
To you His power He’ll always append.
You’ll have no fear of how do I spend,
For He will your provision superintend!

If you will but go when He does send,
His divine DNA will be your brand and descent.
Son & servant will greatly be entwined,
Within you as you are His marching band!

If you will but go when He does send,
You will be bold and fear no downtrend.
Your words will trumpet as a clear gospel sound,
Handing the devil a rout and a rebound!

If you will but go when He does send,
Your life will grow and be on the ascend.
The past won’t hinder you to stay and defend,
You’ll be on the move and on consistent transcend!

If you will but go when He does send,
He will be your constant guide and friend.
You’ll ne’er in confusion or in dead end be,
For you’ll really His will comprehend!

So what do you think you should intend,
When you hear His call and do attend?
Will you be wise to say I am here for you to send,
Or hide in doubt and choose to stay behind!

Go into the world today as one who’s sent,
By the Master of the Universe as His regent.
Fear not, just be His witness and don’t resist,
He’s with you in everything you entrust.

Be cool and walk the day in rest,
He just knows what for you is the best,
He’ll be with you in your ceaseless quest,
So just begin to do what He requests!

*Poetic form of Sunday Sermon by Ps Jacob John, Canada
*photo courtesy


Finally, everything was done. Sorta of.

An era seemed to have gone away, something seemed to have shifted with his passing.

Then the sorting, weighing, disposing, realigning and reassigning.

His valuables had no value in this time; his sentiments would not be honored. After all he was not going to be there any more.

Soon nothing would remain. He would be forgotten, his impact would vanish, his presence forgotten and his memory lost

Even the clock, his treasured masterpiece, was junked and relegated to the closet, irrelevant in a digital world.

Would she be too, she wondered.

*Friday Fictioneers is talented group of enthusiasts penning down a story, a poem, a prose, etc., expressing their heart about a photo prompt, every week. Thanks for this week’s beautiful photo prompt © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields


Why this cup for me, Father dear,
Why this suffering that I have to bear?
Why this crying with needless tears,
Why this realization of my strong fears?

Why this path of thorns to tread,
Why is this all that I have always dread?
Why is it that my faithful heart has bled,
Why does everyone just want to see red?

Why is it tough if its Your Will,
Why is it rough if its what You say?
Why are people gruff when its not their way,
Why do I have such stuff when I’m sure enough to stay?

Why such wailing when its not about the gold,
Why such crying when its not about this world?
Why isn’t there singing when its succinctly so bold,
Why isn’t there rejoicing when there’s so much to enfold?

All my thoughts I do consider and render,
All my ways I do weigh and tender,
May I stand transfixed by You in awesome wonder,
When I watch and wait for You in abject surrender!



Time passes so quickly by,
Moments often go fleeting by,
Life is just simply flying by,
I can only hold memories with a sigh!

I don’t regret the past
Nor crib that it didn’t last
I do wish it hadn’t gone so fast
Though I cannot say I did have a blast!

I’ve sowed in tears with many a fear,
I’ve floundered in doubts with many a debt,
I’ve cringed with aches with many a mistake,
I have survived a thousand brawls with many a wrong call!

I wish I had my life lived much better,
Without the burden of thoughts oh so bitter.
I yearn to have loved much more sincere
Not sticking so too close to the letter!

What more awaits me in the years ahead,
I have no real clue, I have no certain lead.
All I have is His promise, all I need to know is His Word,
For He has in the wilderness a table spread!

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Everyone here on planet earth
Just is passing through what’s life,
A journey so short in space & time,
Yet a fleeting trial for what is to come!

Some make it fine, others make it shine,
Many often only pine or repine.
Some become kind, others become refined,
Many, of course, make only a beeline!

Every soul that anchors in Christ,
Has no serious fear for day or night,
Naught can disturb them, slight or blight,
They just know to live by faith not sight!

Their days may be seventy or seven,
Their homes may be like hell or heaven,
Their might may heighten or lessen,
But they would only to their Lord often listen!

Such ones don’t seem to matter while alive,
We have often just brushed them aside.
Yet somehow they have to managed to survive,
Until they do stand before Him and jive!

None can measure the extent of their worth,
Nor realize the depth of their lonesome berth!
Many know not that earth has actually disdained
What heaven holds dear as great gain!



Pretty by name and pretty by mien,
You captured me first with your inner strain.
Pretty inside and pretty outside
Quite a few know the beauty of your grain.

So soft as the dove that gently coos,
So strong as the ox that greatly moos.
So innocent as a child that rests in trust
So wisely patient as a hen that sits in crust.

With dignity you rule your tiny kingdom
With humility you serve your simple domain.
With beauty of care you embrace your subjects
With love you overcome all your obstacles.

You often say you look up to me for help,
But its actually I, who often learns from you,
To taper my judgements, to constrain my pride
To react in peace, to reach out in love.

Let the calmness of your winsome ways,
Be the portion of my sought-after grace.
May the unhurried content in your face,
Be the continual motivation of my days!

.. © Sabina Tagore Immanuel
@Photo : Look what I shared! @MIUI


Give, for its the right thing to do,
Give, for its just what you need to do!
Give, for its the godly thing to do,
Give, for its what He wants you to do!

Give, in order to show Him thanks,
Give, in order to gather in close ranks!
Give, in order to make Him known,
Give, in order to help many of His own!

Give, when everything is alright,
Give, when you receive some insight!
Give, even when no one is around,
Give, even when you feel thrown down!

Give, as much you’ve been blest,
Give, with a heart full of zest!
Give, for God will take care of the rest,
Give, for there’s nothing to be distressed!

Give generously out of a clear heart,
Give graciously what you’ve set apart!
Give constantly with a clean start,
Give consistently to top the chart!

Give not in order to constrain,
Give not in order to restrain!
Give not without some pain,
Give not so as to have some gain!

Give, its something that’s been of old,
Give, its not something to put on hold!
Give, its just what His Word has told,
Give, for His wonders to behold!

*Poetic form of Sunday Sermon by Ps Suman Jonathan (@SumanJonathan)

*photo courtesy @timmarshal in


When God opens
No man can shut
When God closes
No man can desist!

When God blesses
No man can prevent.
When God witholds
No man can circumvent!

When God is for you
Who can be against you.
When God is not with you
Who dares be with you!

When God justifies
Who can condemn
When God lays a charge
Who can defend!

What does it matter
When God is on your side
What doesn’t matter
When God is on the opposite side!

When God moves
Who can restrain
when God stays
Who can sustain!

When God says Yes
We can but say Amen
When God says No
We can but restrain!

When God says go
Who can remain
When God says no
Who can detrain!

When God says tell
Who can be still
When God doesn’t tell
Who can foretell!

Where can we run
From the purview of God
Where can we hide
From the eyes of God!

Who can snatch us
From His holy hand,
Who can grab us
From His royal stand!

What can separate us
From the love of Christ
What can tear us
From His Father’s care!

These are but a few of His attributes
What can we do but pay Him tributes!
There are but a few He cannot do
What can we do but follow Him when He woos!