Patiently I have borne you,
From my womb to your flight.
Patently I have raised you,
With my hands to your stance!

Parenting thoughtfully and thoroughly,
In the days you were given to my care,
Persistently with perception have I reared you,
Trusting fully in God’s mercy and grace!

Prepping constantly and consistently,
For the time you would leave our home,
Principledly I have grounded and equipped you,
In God’s holy laws and His good ways!

Prepared you are, my son, to face the world,
Armored and armed to run your lonely race.
Parenthetically you have gained what’s important for your age,
Together your father and I relegate ourselves to the e-space!

Pace yourself my son in the novel space,
Finding and marking your place in the new race.
Peace be to you as you test your mettle in the fresh base,
For the God Who led you this far is still the Lord of all!

Park yourself always within the circle of His care,
Ever seeking to please Him in thought and prayer.
Praise Him as you meet the cares and duties of each day,
For He will guide and keep you in all your ways!

@Sabina Tagore Immanuel

*Wrote this when I bid goodbye to my son as he left for higher studies in Germany

*Pic courtesy google images