Rohit, are you ready?

No da, I don’t have my kit!

I thought you had a full set!

I did. Raman borrowed it from me and hasn’t returned it yet!

What! How could you be so irresponsible?

No Machan, he had to have it and would return it by tonight!

You are a fool! If he doesn’t, we are stumped even before the battle!

No da. Raman will never let me down! See, there he comes now!

Rohit, here is your cricket kit. I knew you had an important match tomorrow. So I didn’t even wait for my victory lap!

*Cricket is a great passion in India and youngsters spend many a holiday challenging each other to matches. A win in it is almost like winning the Olympics! Most players and teams have their own kit consisting bats, pads and stumps. Many are sentimental about their kit consisting of bat, pads and stumps. They feel they won’t win without their own kit. Machan actually means brother-in-law in Tamil and is used to address one another denoting close friendship!
*Friday Fictioneers is talented group of enthusiasts penning down a story, a poem, a prose, etc., expressing their heart about a photo prompt, every week. Thanks for this week’s photo prompt © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields


Don’t try to fix your spouse,
It doesn’t work that way.
You’ll only end up in a grouse,
However much you pray!

Don’t try to change your spouse,
It won’t happen whatever you say.
You will only end up in the doghouse,
If God cannot be your stay!

Don’t try to bully your spouse,
Whatever transpires in your day
You will end up smashing your house,
If you continue to be in the fray !

God didn’t make two as one,
For you to walk away.
He wants you to be like His Son,
Loving even when people go astray!

God unites man and woman in holy matrimony,
To reflect Him to the world in simple harmony.
Marriage is meant to be a romantic symphony,
We have made it to be a confused cacophony!

So rise up to build your home in godly dignity,
Don’t wait to see who will surrender in abject humility.
God has placed a treasure within your ability,
He will help you win in spite of human frailty!

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My Master never runs short of any supply,
He’s always there for me when I to Him apply!
He is quite adept in doing things a new way,
None can imitate Him in any way!

My Master doesn’t mind going the extra mile,
To see that my needs are met in style!
None can do like Him without a percentile,
Its better to trust Him for my lifestyle!

My Master delights to surprise me with His providence,
When I look to Him for my provision!
All I expect is just some normal ration,
But He overwhelms me with wonderful munificence!

My Master calls me to live by His simple rule,
To seek His Kingdom first and then just be cool!
He’s promised to add all things that I need,
So I have chosen to follow Him as my Lead!

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People are often in a tizzy,
If they don’t keep themselves quite busy!
They often don’t know what it’s to rest sweetly,
For they think it’s wrong to just take it easy!

Running around madly trying to do something,
May not just be the answer needed for everything.
Resting brings dividends that are often unexpected,
Yet it’s the one thing that’s quite frankly neglected!

Rocking chairs can be in constant motion,
Yet they don’t get anywhere for all their locomotion!
Its not necessary to make such a noisy commotion,
In order to get that great and wonderful promotion!

God in wisdom did ordain cessation of movement,
Alternating work with relaxation at the right moment.
We in our foolish frenzy for consumption,
Often pursue goals in frantic assumption!

So take some time to sit in peaceful quietness,
Its actually a hallmark of godly piousness!
Take some time to spend in restoring idleness,
Its a great need for continued righteousness!

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God puts us through the fire
To wake us to constant prayer.
It is not an instant remedy,
But a proven simple recipe!

God leads us through the crucible
To shape us on His anvil.
It sure is not easy to understand,
But a proven way to be transformed!

God walks us through the valley
To work on us thoroughly.
It may seem so dreary and queer,
But trust me, He truly does restore!

God tosses us on to stormy seas,
To prep us as His master keys.
It does sound as if He is so mean,
But sin does need a keen wean!

God causes us many a bitter tear,
To rescue us from dogging fear.
It often feels like being stranded,
But don’t worry, you’re not being abandoned!

God’s ways and thoughts, they make no sense,
To us if we don’t know His uncommon sense.
He cognizant of what its all about,
So walk in faith and not in doubt!

*Wrote this after reading a tweet by @desiringGod: God puts us through the fire to awaken us to prayer. When difficulty comes, turn first to Jesus.
*Photo courtesy @Peyman Naderi & @Ariel Lustre in


Here I find myself now caught betwixt generations,
The passed on ones and the moving on ones!
In their midst together with them I stand,
Holding their threads in my trembling hand!

I look back, I can still see my roots,
I look afore, I do glimpse my fruits!
I learn from the past and I lean to the future,
I live in the present seeking to link the two!

I am pulled back by customs still visible in my rear,
I am pushed forward by changes emerging in my fore!
I received the baton and now I need to send it on,
I have to bridge the gap and not chasm it all!

How do I then make a case, some space for my own stay,
And find room for my own feet (feat) in this strange play!
Where do I look for strength as I straddle the two,
Who is my model that will help me be the glue!

I lift my head daring only to raise my eyes,
I cannot look anywhere but up to the skies!
The historical Man stood where am forced to be,
The Cross betwixt the Testaments is truly the key!



"Class, close your eyes. Move forward. Don't open till I say!"
"How far?"
"Just a little more. Don't fall down. Careful!"
"Don't push me!" "Then move forward!" "I am doing my best!""Now open your eyes. Focus. What do you see?
"Something white!"
"See with your heart; perceive with your mind; don't use just your eyes. 
Tell me what comes to mind!"
"Art and painting!"
"A sculpture!"
"A type of furniture!"
"A ship!"
"A wedding!"
"Laundry hung to dry!"
"You have no imagination!"
"No, just being practical!"
*Friday Fictioneers is talented group of enthusiasts penning down a story, a poem, a prose, etc., expressing their heart about a photo prompt, every week. Thanks for this week’s PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot.