Do You Know What the Church is Meant to Be?

There is only one thing that Jesus said He will build in Matt 16 and that is the church.

Apostle Paul declares the church to be His bride and the purpose of it in the Book of Ephesians.

The apostle in letter to the church at Colossae points out that Christ is head of his body the church. So, you have another term associated with and related to the church.

God’s intent is that through the church His manifold wisdom would be made known to all.

Today, the term church is mostly used in connection with a building and a place. It is more often a tourist point than what it is meant to be.

It is time to take stock of, analyze and recover our identity.

To understand how the church can be an influence, read CHURCH A LANDMARK PRESENCE.

May we recover our identity and our security in know who we are and woekmtowards what we ought to be!


Blessings, O Lord, is what I constantly seek,
Consistently as I come to You every week.
Commonly as the times are so very weak,
Consciously I need to see everything upbeat!

Look, my child, to your ways and earn,
Watch over my Word and discern.
My desire for you is to really learn ,
My ways so you can rest in downturn!

Seek not your own but just build my home
Prioritizing always what heaven’s zone.
Who can prevent when I close your loans,
And establish you as I did David’s throne!

Seek to ever hear my still small voice,
Obeying My Word with willing choice.
What’ll you lack when My Presence you enjoy,
And dwell with you as Israel in regal poise!

Seek to return to My gentle fold,
Consecrating to be in My holy mold.
Where will you go from My loving hold
And run like Jonah to places untold!

Seek my glory to fill my house,
Praying for you to be covered as my spouse.
Why will you not reject this world as mad house,
And live like Jesus as shekinah house!

Seek truthfully to be My loyal ensign,
Being the signet ring of My royal design.
Where is the one that can resist your battle line,
And stand against you in My Sovereign reign!                                                                               SABINA TAGORE IMMANUEL

*Poetic form of Sunday Sermon by Rev Dr Chadwick Samuel Mohan (@chadwicksamuel)