Circumcise my heart, O Lord
And retrieve me with Your love,
Peel back the layers of hardness,
Vulcanized in the process of the ages of my years.

Expose to the light the overshadowing of its darkness,
Cause it to throb afresh with the flow of abundant life.
Scrape off the scabs of a toil that’s oh so wearisome,
Renewing in me once more the sense in a heart of flesh .

Open my blind eyes to see anew,
Distant visions, unchartered vistas that’s hidden in plain sight.
Help me cast aside once more, the garments of my cast,
Joyfully divesting off the glories of my faded past.

Make me patiently await the trappings of my new estate,
Readily shaking off the dust of my last glowing glaze,
Arising to follow You in the wake of Your path,
May I be propelled forward by the cadence of Your grace.

Draw me to the heights with the intenseness of Your hail,
To live within the confines of the intimacy of Your call.
May I never be raptured with the glamour of this cosmos,
Or rest content to dance the tune of the clamour of its beat.

May I always seek to be satiated with the rewards of Your world
Chastened ever daily by the turnings of Your Love!
May I constantly long to be transformed to the pattern of Your likeness,
Until I see Your image mirrored in the entirety of my all!



He is the true and righteous advocate,
Who is ready to defend every petition with grace,
He’s never made even a single error or mistake,
Who is yet to give up on anyone as hopeless case!

He is on the side of the discarded and rejected ones,
Those who’ve been battered by wrongs and word stones,
Marginalized and neglected, they survive on society’s crumbs,
Such are the people He seeks and constantly welcomes.

He readily takes up and pleads their just cause,
Showering on them His favor and compassion nonstop,
Though they maybe interred in a dark and dirty jailhouse,
His eyes are always on them constantly without a fullstop.

Careful to judge whose side you do take,
Those He seeks to bless be not the one to break,
Don’t end up working against Him like the snake.
Lest you find yourself under the same curse and fate!

Thanks to @byrawpixel for making this photo available freely on @unsplash 🎁