How was your first day, Sally?

Great Bess. Rural school, beautiful countryside. 
Children eager. From hardworking background. Great classroom. 
Wonderful principal!
How was yours?

(Sighs) The less said the better! School in a homeless shelter.
Not even a proper classroom. No material, furniture, principal. 
Unruly kids, uninterested parents. Ruin, chaos, confusion...

That's enough to put off any teacher, leave alone a first-timer!
Going back tomorrow?

I must. I need to. Nobody wants to hire someone fresh out of school!
Besides, I keep seeing their faces. 
Its as though they know I won't come back.
Guess I'll go back. Maybe make a difference!
Just before sitting to write this, I watched a Hallmark movie called BEYOND THE BLACKBOARD. This week’s pic resonated with what I saw in the movie. So I wrote about it!
Beyond the Blackboard is a Hallmark Hall of Fame original movie starring Emily VanCamp and Treat Williams. It is based on the memoir by Stacey Bess titled Nobody Don’t Love Nobody. The story takes place in 1987 and follows a young teacher and mother of two who, fresh from college, ends up teaching homeless children at a school without a name. With the support of her husband, she overcomes fears and prejudice to give these children the education they deserve.  Stacey-Bess-242x300Beyond-the-Blackboard-27-1024x683.jpg
Stacey Bess is an award-winning educator with great insight into the hearts of children in need. She believes that the way to most effectively teach children any subject is to treat them with love and kindness. Audiences around the nation have discovered the treasure of Stacey Bess and the magic she works with children.
*Friday Fictioneers is talented group of enthusiasts penning down a story, a poem, a prose, etc.,  expressing their heart about a photo prompt, every week. Thanks for this week’s beautiful photo prompt © J Hardy Carroll