There is an old Tamil film song that used to touch my heart when I was a young child that goes like this: If Lord Jesus speaks, what will He speak? What will He speak in order to quieten a poor aching heart? These words were very dear to me because it brought God close to me, as One Who speaks to me.

Often we are in a quandary as to whether God speaks and if at all He is speaking, what is He speaking to us, especially in times of trouble.

Job, a man of great wealth and great integrity who lived in times past, also had the same question in a time of extreme suffering, when all that he believed in seemed swept away. His friend Elihu’s answer provides us a clue to this dilemma that seems universal and for all times. You can find it in the 33rd chapter of the book of Job in the Bible.

According to Elihu, God is not silent but does speak, one way or another. God does answer always, in one or two ways, even when people don’t acknowledge His presence. Elihu points out that God speaks again and again, though people do not recognize it.

God speaks to us ‘in dreams, in visions of the night, when deep sleep falls on people as they lie in their beds. He whispers in their ears and terrifies them with warnings. He makes them turn from doing wrong; he keeps them from pride. He protects them from the grave, from crossing over the river of death.’

God also ‘might get their attention through pain, by throwing them on a bed of suffering, So they can’t stand the sight of food, have no appetite for their favorite treats. They lose weight, wasting away to nothing, reduced to a bag of bones. They hang on the cliff-edge of death, knowing the next breath may be their last.’

In reading this we see that God’s intention is to capture our attention so as to warn us away from evil and keep us from death. God speaks to is in visions and dreams of the night with the intention of terrifying us away from wrongdoing. Since we do not hear or notice Him, He has to reach out by other means to make us listen and take notice when we are finally in bed, resting.

God does not scare us in order to make us tremble before Him, but horrifies us so that we would refrain from felony or crime, since these would lead to death. That’s God’s agenda – to scare the hell out of us so as to keep us out of hell!

We also see that God uses pain to capture our attention and not to torture or destroy us. God’s purpose is never to punish or penalize us in a vindicative or vicious manner, but to prevent us from destroying ourselves.

C.S Lewis writes in his book, The problem of pain, that “God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our conscience, but shouts in our pains: it is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world’’. God has His own ways of waking the conscience of us when we are absolutely heedless. Of all His many tools, pain is the loudest, for it makes us take note of His word. The psalmist, King David, declares that before he was afflicted he went astray, but now he keeps His word.

To the question as to why would God deal with us so, we can only bow low and answer that it because we our insensitivity to Him. We are so stupefied and insensible to His voice of love and reason that He has to use other means to capture our attention. We have become so incapacitated by cares, riches and pleasures that we are incapable of deciphering His words. So, God has to resort to other ways of making us hear and heed Him and give Him our attention so that we can inherit life and not destruction.

To go back to our question of whether God speaks, we can safely reply, Yes, God does speak. To the question, if so, what does He speak, we can confidently say that He speaks in order to turn us from death to life. He doesn’t speak to put fear of Himself in us, but fear of doing wrong and going to hell.

The crowning glory of the fact that God speaks is found in the first chapter of the book of Hebrews in the Bible: ‘God, who at sundry times and in divers manners spake in time past unto the fathers by the prophets, Hath in these last days spoken unto us by his Son, whom he hath appointed heir of all things, by whom also he made the worlds;’

If God speaks warnings through dreams, captures our attention through pain, what does He want to convey to us through His only Son, Jesus? What else but that our sins are forgiven through Jesus’ death of the cross and the way to Him has been made open by the blood of Christ!

God, through His Son, is speaking to us of reconciliation and peace with Him. He is telling us that we have access to Him through Christ. He is inviting the world to a relationship with Him and a communion with one another, made possible by the sacrifice of His Son. He is not just terrifying us to keep us from wrongdoing and hell, but also showing us the ways and means to read h Him and heaven!

Would we heed His call, the gentle still small voice of our Creator through His Son or are we going to force Him to use other means of persuasion?

The choice is ours, as He waits in the sidelines for us to hear and obey, out of our own freewill!

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Morning dawns
Evening falls
Sun shines
Moon beams
Flowers bloom
Fruits ripen
Grass grows
Trees sway
Wind blows
Waves beat
Births happen
Deaths occur.

Pandemic or not,
Life has to gone on.

For better or worse
For good or bad
In sickness or in health
In poverty or in riches
With love or hate
With goodness or meanness
We are all in this together.

Stand fast,
For this too shall pass away!

Let’s go on
Keeping faith till the last!

*Friday Fictioneers is a talented group of enthusiasts penning down a story, a poem, prose, etc., expressing their heart about a photo prompt © Todd Foltz


Everyone here on planet earth
Just is passing through what’s life,
A journey so short in space & time,
Yet a fleeting trial for what is to come!

Some make it fine, others make it shine,
Many often only pine or repine.
Some become kind, others become refined,
Many, of course, make only a beeline!

Every soul that anchors in Christ,
Has no serious fear for day or night,
Naught can disturb them, slight or blight,
They just know to live by faith not sight!

Their days may be seventy or seven,
Their homes may be like hell or heaven,
Their might may heighten or lessen,
But they would only to their Lord often listen!

Such ones don’t seem to matter while alive,
We have often just brushed them aside.
Yet somehow they have to managed to survive,
Until they do stand before Him and jive!

None can measure the extent of their worth,
Nor realize the depth of their lonesome berth!
Many know not that earth has actually disdained
What heaven holds dear as great gain!



The promises of God are yea and amen in Christ,
Yet they go through demise, not decay,
For the resurrection power will restore,
The lost with power and might.

The promises of God are yea and amen in Christ,
Yet they go through gestation and wait,
For the blessing of that promised,
Is for a time that has still to come.

The promises of God are yea and amen in Christ,
Yet they need the salting of the fire,
To be endowed with holy fervor,
That cleanses and blesses all.

The promises of God are yea and amen in Christ
Yet they seem so distant and lost,
For the ways of man and the thoughts of all,
Don’t often align to the divine call.

The promises of God are yea and amen in Christ,
Yet they may often seem distant across the hill,
We have to but trust in them and chill,
Taking care to be in rest and thrill!

                                                                                                    © Sabina Tagore Immanuel


Gone from what is called life,
Gone to live another better life,
Gone from the shackles of pain & death,
Gone to the freedom of sustaining bliss.

Gone from the bottles of earthly life,
Gone to drink from rivers of heavenly life,
Gone from the food that rots the bones,
Gone to eat from the tree that restores youth!

Gone to be bathed in the rays of eternal sunshine,
Gone to a life of everlasting gladness,
Gone to walk in the streets of golden joy,
Gone to laugh and dance for every time!

Gone to a place of peaceful coexistence,
Gone to a realm of loving kindness.
Gone to a home of freedom from care,
Gone to a land of all that you longed to have!

Gone because life, not death, called you,
Gone because healing, not sickness, overwhelmed you.
Gone because joy, not sorrow, filled you,
Gone because God, not devil, claimed you!

Sabina Tagore Immanuel



Who can bear the loss of a life,
A daughter, a sister, a wife, a friend, a mentor,
All rolled together in one?

Who can know the extent of breath,
Whether it is an hour, a day, a month, a year,
All condensed to form a living!

Who can redeem the lost,
Restore the marred, repair the breach,
All making it anew!

Who can fill the essence of someone that
Twined her life in birth, interlaced her days in marriage,
Walked together in time, but unbraided herself in death!

Who can fathom the length of a trail,
The height of a flight, the depth of a plunge,
Or the breadth of a range!

Who can but You O Lord,
Calm the storm, quiet the seas, carry the weak,
And destroy death’s decay!

Strengthen that which remains,
Smoothen that which trembles,
Straighten that which bends,
Supplement that which was lost,
O God of my existence, my sustenance!
© Sabina Tagore Immanuel

*My youngest sibling moved on to greener pastures, painless place & no-tears permanence on Aug 30th 2017 in Trichy, S. India. She was fiercely loyal, intensely committed, passionately vocal person, born homemaker, intuitive teacher, instinctive mother, warrior wife, dutiful daughter & supportive sibling. She battled sickness with tenacity and fought the good fight till the end. I wrote this as an outpouring of the constriction of my heart as her absence hit me with force beyond compare.


As maid of honor at our cousin’s wedding when she was at the height of her womanhood!


Here I hang, dangling between hope & despair,
Indecisive & unsure, dogged & determined,
Knowing not of what is yet to come,
Knowing what it was, that it bodes no good.

Here I stand, swaying between faith & fear,
Impotent & inadequate, ineffectual & incapable,
Wishing it needn't have to be so,
Wishing I could do something more!

Here I rest, in the inbetween, rolling between feeling & fact,
Uncertain & unaware, of the outcome of it all.
So what should I do, live by faith or sight?
Ah Lord, I remember Sunday's round the corner!
*Writing this on the Saturday between Good Friday & Easter Sunday, while I am waiting to hear about my very sick sister who is undergoing tests in a hospital. Pic © Toronto International Film Festival