God has written beforehand your story
He’s formed it to be for His glory,
He’s chosen you the hero in theory,
He is waiting for you to accept His reality!

God has written the plot of your story,
He needs you to trust Him in totality,
He does everything in sync with His sagacity,
He will cover you with His kindness and mercy!

God is waiting to rewrite your story,
Kindly sit down and take an inventory.
Throw out things that will boost your depravity,
Take in that which will make you good and holy!

God is continuing to write your story,
It will surely and truly end in His glory,
Choice is yours to be rooted in His family,
Then you will surely be part of history!

Sabina Tagore Immanuel

*This poem was triggered by a post on fb

*Photo courtesy in splash.com



Who can bear the loss of a life,
A daughter, a sister, a wife, a friend, a mentor,
All rolled together in one?

Who can know the extent of breath,
Whether it is an hour, a day, a month, a year,
All condensed to form a living!

Who can redeem the lost,
Restore the marred, repair the breach,
All making it anew!

Who can fill the essence of someone that
Twined her life in birth, interlaced her days in marriage,
Walked together in time, but unbraided herself in death!

Who can fathom the length of a trail,
The height of a flight, the depth of a plunge,
Or the breadth of a range!

Who can but You O Lord,
Calm the storm, quiet the seas, carry the weak,
And destroy death’s decay!

Strengthen that which remains,
Smoothen that which trembles,
Straighten that which bends,
Supplement that which was lost,
O God of my existence, my sustenance!
© Sabina Tagore Immanuel

*My youngest sibling moved on to greener pastures, painless place & no-tears permanence on Aug 30th 2017 in Trichy, S. India. She was fiercely loyal, intensely committed, passionately vocal person, born homemaker, intuitive teacher, instinctive mother, warrior wife, dutiful daughter & supportive sibling. She battled sickness with tenacity and fought the good fight till the end. I wrote this as an outpouring of the constriction of my heart as her absence hit me with force beyond compare.


As maid of honor at our cousin’s wedding when she was at the height of her womanhood!