I watch the news and I look around,
I cry aloud and fall to the ground.
Don't You know what I see,
Or comprehend what I perceive!

Murder and mayhem in rampant rape,
Violence and vice in rage.
Justice is often just a joke,
While law seems often a hoax!

Who can know what You do,
When you use the wicked and redo!
Don't know why You employ an evil band,
Or use them as your cleansing Hand!

Yet I will truly trust in You as I stand,
Keeping watch over this my land.
I'll not fear loss from henceforth
For the just shall ever live by faith!

God's stringent judgments are ne'er in vain,
They often begin among those of His train.
God will still work among us as of old,
Ever conscious of His mercy as before!

So let's not therefore cry in despair
For we know the power of this our God.
Let's be people who stand and watch,
Hearts filled with joyful hope and holy desire!

Let's walk with feet like hinds on high places
Tho' harvest be lost and flock doth fail!
Our God is Sovereign over us all,
He'll put a song and we just won't fall!
                                       Sabina Tagore Immanuel
*Poetic form of Sunday Sermon by Ps Manoah Joshi (@manoahj)