Why this cup for me, Father dear,
Why this suffering that I have to bear?
Why this crying with needless tears,
Why this realization of my strong fears?

Why this path of thorns to tread,
Why is this all that I have always dread?
Why is it that my faithful heart has bled,
Why does everyone just want to see red?

Why is it tough if its Your Will,
Why is it rough if its what You say?
Why are people gruff when its not their way,
Why do I have such stuff when I’m sure enough to stay?

Why such wailing when its not about the gold,
Why such crying when its not about this world?
Why isn’t there singing when its succinctly so bold,
Why isn’t there rejoicing when there’s so much to enfold?

All my thoughts I do consider and render,
All my ways I do weigh and tender,
May I stand transfixed by You in awesome wonder,
When I watch and wait for You in abject surrender!