A child is like a sculpture
Hidden deep in precious marble
That just needs careful chiseling
To create a definite masterpiece.

You can craft a devil or an angel
Depending on your work and skill,
Fashion it not as if it were your kill,
Just let Master have His freewill!

His handiwork needs only your yield
He’s known to be the best in the field
His timing is really impeccable,
His expertise quite unparalleled!

So work with the gentle Master
To create a unique piece.
Be only His coworker, that’s all you need to be,
Just cooperate, if you want to succeed!




Do you look around and really wonder,
Who’s in charge for things are being torn asunder.
Is there someone to whom we can render,
Allegiance and loyalty, obedience and surrender?

Yes, there is a One Whom we need to discover,
He is our Master and there’s just no other.
His plans we do need to seek and recover,
Nothing else here on earth is going to matter!

God is on the throne, He’s always had a plan to gather,
A people of His own from whom He’ll never wander.
The apple of His eye who will bear His beautiful name,
That will seek His glory and proclaim His fame.

God sent His son for Him to redeem man,
To fulfil the dictates of His master plan.
With one masterly stroke of His hand,
He’s made him part of His royal clan!

Christ did really step into our cosmic mess
That’s why we gladly celebrate Christmas.
He made us part of God’s eternal business,
Without Him our life is completely senseless!

God has made us through Christ His family,
We are therefore no longer paradesi.
He’s building us to be His church mutually,
Even though we are all truly swadeshi!

Rejoice, you have a role in His Master plan
He’ s fashioning you to be His masterpiece.
Make the choice to follow Him else you’re a deadman
Your real season begins only when you’re His batman!

*Poetic form of Sunday Sermon by Ps Manoah Joshi (@manoahj)