I thought marriage was autocracy,
He taught me it was democracy.
He gave me space and privacy,
While I maintained grace and mercy,
Together we worked to make it as it should be – a theocracy!

I thought it was manly to be demanding and aggressive,
He showed me it is to be accepting and non-competitve.
I was ready to buckle under and be beneath him,
He lifted me to stride beside and go beyond him.
Together we tread a new path – a totally different tack!

I thought devotion ought to be articulated and vocal,
He demonstrated it to be more life and living.
I tend to be stiff and shaky, covering my pain with a smiling face,
He is secure and stable, moving at his own sweet pace,
Together we carved a monument – a testimony to His saving grace!

Individually we walk, each in our call
Together we chalk, a family to His haul.
Different from each other, incompatible to the core,
United to be one, we were tempted often to walk out the door,
Together we have struggled and stuck, until we no longer want to be alone!

Marriages are made in heaven but lived on earth,
Therefore, not to be undertaken lightly or ill-advisedly.
Marriage is a way of life instituted by God, honored in His word,
So, embark on it, seriously and prayerfully, taking care as you pledge your word.
Marriages need not become a hell, if both work together with quiet will!

Marriage is not for the weak or for the meek,
It takes strength and stamina to run that race.
Marriage is not a sprint but a marathon to be run,
Don’t even think of it unless you grasp atleast the essence of it!

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I walked alone, I often fell down.
I walked with my own, they didn’t let me down!

I stood alone, I cried on my own,
I stood with my own, they didn’t let me go it alone!

I sat alone, I brooded within my home.
I sat among my own, they didn’t let me moan!

I battled alone, I got many a wound.
I battled along my own, they were with me when I groaned!

I ate alone, I could only phone.
I ate with my own, they saw to it I was known!

I studied alone, I failed to know.
I studied with my own, they saw to it I was honed!

I prayed alone, I struggled to the bone.
I prayed with my own, they helped me reach the throne!

I loved myself alone, I just got blown.
I loved each one of my own, they only condoned!

Why would ever I be on my own, when I know I”ll only be alone!
Why wouldn’t I be with my own, when I know they’ll always come through!

We weren’t meant to be alone, but be with our own!
God Himself is three in one, so let’s seek to be as one!

                                                                                                       © SABINA TAGORE IMMANUEL