Open fields flash by, green and brown,
Soft streams go trickling by, small and big.
Dusty roads leading to homes, distant and near,
Blue skies canopy with clouds, white and grey!

Wayside stations flash by in haste with yellow boards,
Farmers and workers go about their daily chores,
Highways whisk by with green and white signboards,
Cocooned in cool comfort, I watch, as grime seeps from my soul!

Bubbled in my seat, I traverse from one place to another,
Paused in my busy routine, I take time to lay hold.
Free from my gadgets, I watch the window scenes
I tryst with rest as I take in the vast gleam!

Between burdens, I rejoice in small things,
His gift I feel, for it restores my strength.
Communing with Him through His nature artwork,
I bow my head in worship, taking heart to face another day!

*Written on my travel back by train from visiting my mother in a city down south!

Small Town Things

Dad was transferred to Tiruvarur on promotion as it’s police head. We joined him during vacations at the end of the school year.

One of the five traditional capitals of the Chola Empire, this town’s life in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu revolved around a famous temple and it’s water tank. We were privileged to witness the temple car festival and the temple tank float festival, the two major events of the town.

Dad lived in one of the four streets that bordered the temple tank. Every night Dad would unwind with a swim round the temple tank. He never missed a day.

*To know more about the town you can access the link
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