*Friday Fictioneers is talented group of enthusiasts penning down a story, a poem, a prose, etc., expressing their heart about a photo prompt, every week. Thanks for this week’s beautiful PHOTO PROMPT © Jan Marler Morrill

Houses stood, adjoined or opposite, together flanking a narrow lane.

Playing hide and seek in that alley, weaving in and out of the houses.

No shut doors, kids threading their way through them.

One home the same as the other, openness a way of life,

No shadows, just cool shade.

Then it all changed.

Children grew, seeds of competition sown, distrust flourished,

Doors began to close, heart began to wither,

Knock knock, a head peeps out, a mouth spats out a reply, banging itself in

A fertile growth in a virgin land,

Only shadows, no shade.

What happened, you ask?

Progress happened,

That’s all!

Sorry everyone. I have been held up with different duties for a month or so and missed the last couple of posts. Here I am with a new one. Hope you like it. Hope you missed me enough to comment on it!



23 thoughts on “SHADOW & SHADE

  1. I really like how you use the concepts of shadow vs shade as a marker for the changing attitude. It fints perfectly, well done.

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  2. True! Sustainable development that takes into account ecology and environment and aesthetics along is the answer!
    My take is that in the rush for upward mobility we have forgotten to care for the real treasures!


  3. A sad result of modern life, Sabina. Only true division of wealth and education can turn things around and someone is always there to stop it or slow it down. Good writing. —- Suzanne


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