Lord, excavate me totally, purging all that is gross
Expose the hidden things of darkness, banishing all You hate most!
Brand me with humility, whatever the cost
May I always seek to be, only a servant of the cross!

Teach me to live in the shadow, of the canopy of Your grace,
Content to be only a vessel, ready & fit for Your use!
Help me consider with joy, the smallest one you send my way
Serving always humbly, until the close of each day!

Cover me with Your Hand, let there be holy conception
Of Your Word within my womb, of Your Life within my own!
May I your handmaiden only be, content to waste my life
Pouring it out a living sacrifice, always joyful in the service of my King!

May I lose my self and all that is Me, wincing not at the pain nor considering the strain,
A vessel of honor, found worthy to follow in Your train!
May Your Kingdom be my only desire, the object of all I seek,
Until Your day dawns, when I get to see you face to face!



3 thoughts on “HEARTFELT!

  1. It is. I am currently a pastor. As a part of the pastoral leadership team, we spend a few days of each year towards planning for the next year. The first day would be spent soaking in the Presence of God, confessing, reconciling, meditating on Scripture, worship etc. This was the outcome of that time last year and mirrors my heart! Thanks for reading and commenting!

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