I want to apologize for my non-participation for the past two weeks. There were some pressing matters that gobbled up my time. Also my husband and I had an unexpected outing together for 6 days. So was not able to participate. Its the reason why I may not have replied to people’s comments or posts. This week’s offering is an excerpt from the book THE HIDING PLACE, which is about Corrie Ten Boom & her family. They were active resistance workers in Holland during the II World War. This picture reminded me of the last few paras of her book!

—I was opening my mouth to say that I had no professional training in such things, when his next words silenced me.
“We’ve located a place for the work,” he said. “It was a former concentration camp that’s just been released by the government.”
We drove to Darmstadt to look over the camp. Rolls of rusting barbed wire still surrounded it. I walked slowly up a cinder path between drab gray barracks. I pushed open a creaking door; I stepped between rows of metal cots.
 “Window boxes, “ I said. “We’ll have them at every window. The barbed wire must come down, of course, and then we’ll need paint.
Green paint. Bright yellow-green, the color of things coming up new in the spring. . . .”

*Friday Fictioneers is a talented group of enthusiasts penning down a story, a poem, a prose, etc., expressing their heart about a photo prompt, every week. Thanks for this week’s beautiful PHOTO PROMPT © Peter Abbey

16 thoughts on “COLOR OF SPRING

  1. Dear Sabina,

    In Israel at Yad V’Shem the Holocaust museum there is a walkway where trees have been planted in honor of righteous gentiles. When Corrie Ten Boom passed away her tree also died. There’s a younger tree in its place. She is one of my heroes.



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