Recently I had an occasion to be in a tourist destination and the place had a dress code for women. They asked that women be covered to below their knees. Most people  visiting the place did not demur to this simple code, as they helpfully provided a covering if your dress did not match up to the prescribed standard.

Up came a family with two small kids below ten years and a son between 10-14 years. The mother was requested kindly to cover her knees and help was offered for it. The boy became offended with this restriction and refused to go further into the place. His belligerence caused the mother also to stay back at the entrance, while the father and other kids went on.

Dictionary defines tourist as a person who travels to a place for pleasure or one that makes a tour for pleasure or culture. However, most often the tourist may tend to behave in a way that may offend the very culture they have come to sample. Tourist may end up giving displeasure while taking their pleasure.

When traveling or visiting different nations or place, it is important to understand the nuances of the area being toured. Culture, customs and traditions vary from place to place, region to region and continent to continent. The very joy of travel and tourism  does not lie in mere sightseeing, but also in sampling and marveling at the rich and varied culture that is in different parts or portions of the globe. If everything was the same everywhere, travel or tourism would be monotonous, stereotyped, mechanical, robotic and dull.

The boy probably felt insulted that his mother was asked to adhere to something and that she had the right to dress as she wanted. Guess he forgot that one’s right ends where another one’s begins. Guess he also forgot that when visiting some one else home, you must behave with the etiquette due from a guest!

A little background reading and research on the internet can help the most reluctant traveler enjoy their trip, without getting offended or giving offense.!

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