God of all of universe,
Master of earth & sky,
Deigned to be human.
Mystery of loving care,
Born to die, born to set free!

Only Begotten of the true God,
Epitome of grace,
Walked into life
Lamb of His love,
Marked before ages, marked for time!

Sacrifice of God,
Holy & pure
Laid on the altar.
Heaven's offering,
Willingly given, willingly received!

Son of man,
Potter's clay,
Exemplified mercy.
Meek and mild,
Humble to the core, humble to the end!
Face of God
Wisdom's plan
Sought His will
Reflector of His light
Thought not of himself, thought only of us!

Righteousness of God,
Glory of His Name,
Satisfied true justice.
Ruler of His realm,
Rose out of darkness, rose to give light!

Divine weakness,
Manhood's strength,
Died to give life.
Victor of death,
Glorified for now, glorified for ever!

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