kids.jpgA BIRTHDAY POEM FOR MY SON  (Johanan Anton Pranesh Immanuel )

You came into our compact lives,
Like a bowling ball skittering the stolid pins.
You were rolled by the Hand of God into our midst,
Disturbing and rearranging our well-laid plans!

You came as a refreshing new wind of change,
Carrying with you the cool breath of heaven.
You wafted like spritely ariel into our lives,
Soothing us all with the abundance of your love!

Not for all riches in this world would we ever forgo,
The ever increasing joy of having you,
None can fathom the wisdom of our God,
Nor understand the vastness of His plot!

May the years ahead be filled with peace,
Of knowing Him who holds you in His hand.
He, not us, is worthy of your trust in life’s lease,
Yet we rejoice, thanking Him for the years we have in remand!
© Sabina Tagore Immanuel

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