Why am I given this bundle of joy,
Wrapped up in a blanket of blue,
Fumbling and faltering in a broken hue,
Who is to blame Lord, me or You?

Why must I have a burden of care,
When I see others have nothing to fear?
Why should I be the one who has to share,
The trials of pain that you had to bear?

My child you are the best I have at hand,
To place this sweet little one in this land.
No one else here can do what you’ll do,
So I have chosen to place this special one with you!

I have found you so faithful and true,
So  I entrust this little child for you to do
I have much faith and trust in you
That you’ll not fail in this my call for you!

So lift up your head and proudly dare,
A world that would often stand and stare!
Tell them that I’ve specifically called you specially for this,
To show them who they are and what is amiss!
© Sabina Tagore Immanuel

*Wrote this to encourage a couple going through the throes of a sick child.
*Pic courtesy https://unsplash.com/photos/7tGqLzHcjZ8

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