“I don’t what it is about men that makes them treat their woman colleagues well, but not their wives.”

“Even if they marry one of their colleagues, they are the same. That’s my case. Does a woman change into a vassal once she reaches home?”

“Its worse for me. He is my boss at work and so the same thing happens there too!”

“For me, its all about the disrespect. Just because I am a stay-at-home Mom and can’t speak English well, doesn’t mean I am nothing? I cried when I watched English Vinglish movie!

*Gender discrimination and domestic abuse (not physical) is a stark reality in India. The movie English Vinglish is worth seeing to watch the way a woman takes an opportunity to transform herself. While in NY for her niece’s wedding, she uses her savings from her small catering business for taking a 4-week English Course. She astonishes her family with her expertise and earns their respect. Its worth a watch!
English Vinglish poster.jpeg
*Friday Fictioneers is talented group of enthusiasts penning down a story, a poem, a prose, etc., expressing their heart about a photo prompt, every week. Thanks for this week’s beautiful photo prompt © Marie Gail Stratford

18 thoughts on “STATUS QUO

  1. I’ve had just a tiny bit of exposure to the Indian communities here in America, and the problem of the wife being treated as a lesser being exists here, as well. This is a poignant story for me, and I’m glad the heroine in the movie finds a way to earn some respect.

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