Live well this life here on earth,
For you have received true rebirth.
Live well this life with rhythm and rhyme,
Though it is short or long in time!

Live well as God’s true intended
Without this world having befriended.
Live well because He is truly constant
His gifts He gives freely at every instant.

Live cleanly by resisting the devil
Purifying yourself from every evil.
Live secure for He is your best friend,
Constantly ready to grant your right intent!

Live wisely with your tongue under a bridle,
Don’t let it wag with talk that’s truly idle!
Live content without any bitterness or gall,
Doing good to others outside and within your wall!

Live without weight in your head or heart,
You can’t carry anything when you do depart!
Live simply without any guile or even little greed,
Your heavenly father takes care of your every need!

Live patiently with perseverance your every pain,
We’ve been promised only suffering in this domain.
Live together with others who are of common faith,
Standing together in prayer with who faint or fail.

Live your life well for this is still His turf,
Make it a hymn or a poem overcome every quirk!
Live your life to the nth for this is still His kirk,
He’s gonna see that you are safe until the end!

*Poetic form of Sunday Sermon by Rev Dr.Chadwick Samuel Mohan (@chadwicksamuel)
*Photo courtesy

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