Let us visit Dakshinchithra when Uncle, Aunty and their kids come. Dakinshinchithra, what is that? DakshinaChitra is a heritage village that portrays the living beliefs of art, folk performing-arts, craft and architecture of South Indian traditions. . It has a research unit, crafts bazaar, playground anad an area to hold religious functions, stone workshop, and souvenir kiosks. Wow, how did it come into existence? Well, Deborah Thiagarajan, impressed by rural south India, wanted to preserve the culture. With the help of architect, Laurie Baker, she conceived this place. He didn’t charge any fee because of his interest in rural architectural design! The highlight is the reconstruction of 18 heritage houses from different parts of S.India. I can’t wait to see the place!
*Dakshinchithra means a picture of the south. The museum is a center for living traditions of art, folk performing arts, and crafts set up with the objective of preserving and promoting South India’s heritage and culture. Special programmes feature dances, crafting of necklaces, basket weaving, and puppet shows. The museum also holds workshops for training in traditional crafts such as indigo dyeing. Potters trained at the center are issued a certificate of their skills by the regional office of the Department of the Development Commissioner (Handicrafts). Classical dances such as Bharatnatyam, Mohiniyattam and Kuchipudi, and music concerts are regular events held in the large amphitheater. Each year, 15,000 school children visit the museum.
To know more about Dakinshinchithra please access following websites. &

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