Gratitude is an attitude
That must be pursued.
Thanksgiving is a mood
That must be ingrained in childhood.

Gratitude is so very supernatural,
That it needs to be deliberately cultivated.
Grumbling is so very natural,
That it needs to be determinedly uprooted.

Give thanks in everything
The scripture is strong in teaching,
Murmuring is the one thing,
The scripture is vehement in opposing.

Focus on His grace so very abundant
That came seeking while you were repugnant.
Concentrate on His goodness so extravagant
That did not consider you redundant.

Remember to be thankful,
Then nothing will ever rankle.
Remind yourself to be grateful,
Then nothing will ever baffle.

Gratitude is not a boring platitude
For it will keep your mouth from gossip.
Gratitude is the right attitude
If you want to really in truth worship.

By Sabina Tagore Immanuel

*Pic courtesy

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