God does have His own rights,
Ever thought of them even a mite?
God has His just demands,
Ever realized them as His commands?

Creator that He is,
Isn’t it His due to fashion as He will?
Can the clay He wants to mould His way
Rebel and want to hold its own sway?

Father that He is,
Whose love is beyond compare,
Wouldn’t it be His longing and claim
To hear His kids honor His holy name?

Master that He is,
Who can measure all that He has?
Isn’t praise and honor the correct tribute
That must be paid as His deserved due?

Royal husband that He is,
Can anyone deny Him His yearning
To be the only One His bride adores
For whom He did give up His throne with eternal longing?

Who can refuse this God anything
Who gave up His all for to gain the one thing?
He has the right to demand everything,
Yet chooses to stand in patient waiting!

Sabina Tagore Immanuel
*Wrote this after hearing and pondering the line ‘God also has His rights’ in a sunday sermon preached by Ps James Ebenezer in NLAG, Little Mount, Chennai, S.India, on 23rd Dec 2018.
*Thanks to @tstnbllt for making photo available freely on @unsplash 🎁 https://unsplash.com/photos/72EYDDwn8dE

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