When before God in your closet you do stand,
Brandishing a list of woes against one or all of your band,
Praying that He would on them lay a reprimand,
Don’t you realize whose side you are when you make that demand!

Accuser or Intercessor, which will you be,
What’s the petition you will raise when you’re on your knee?
Avenger or Forgiver, which will give you glee,
Don’t you realize whom you reflect, when you make your plea!

God looks for a person to plug the leak,
In the dyke of protection He’s put over His clique,
Repairer or Destroyer, who will you be in that breach,
Don’t let God down when you preach or do outreach !

Walking in love is a choice you just have to make,
For to follow Christ is to be His faithful namesake.
Walking in hate will only give you a bitter heartache,
Don’t end up suffering eternally in hell’s fiery lake!

Let go of your pain in the light of His amazing grace,
Don’t be in darkness when you can live before His face.
Leave it to Him to advocate your rightful case,
Don’t fret for He’ll see that you finally win the race!

*PC: https://goo.gl/images/AxkYJp

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