In the Bible, in the history of the nation of Israel, there are two distinct phases of life and distinct ways of existence.

One, while in the wilderness, after being delivered from slavery in Egypt and two, when they settled down in the promised land, after driving out those who lived there.

The difference between these two seasons of life was the way in which He provided for them and the manner by which He met their needs! 

God was their Source and Guide, not just in the wilderness, but also in the land of their settlement.

Between these two ways of life, between their nomadic lifestyle and their settled state, there lies a difference. In what was uncharted territory for them, their needs were met day by day, as the need arose and when the moment arrived, neither early or late but on time, supernaturally. In the permanency of settled land, their needs were met in a year-by-year/life of seasons, an ordered cycle and pattern of living befitting a stationary way of being. 

Settlement is marked by a regular, predictable and sure way of existence with a natural rhythm of life, whereas wilderness walk is always marked by uncertainty, monotony and anxiety. It is a totally different, unusual and other way of life and living.

Wilderness is a place of simple fare, just-what-is-needed-for-the-day supply, deficient of variety and with just sufficient provision-for-the-day being the only guarantee!

Desert drive or wilderness walking could be a place of trials, traversing an unknown terrain and facing an unfamiliar way of life!

In these COVID days and in the aftermath of the quarantine days, we have moved from a predictable cycle of life to not knowing what tomorrow brings. We have moved from certainty to uncertainty, from variety of choices to a modicum of monotony and from sedentary placidity to unexpected changes and challenges. It is time to understand what stuff we are made up and gird ourselves to walk a new model of living.

We went through a season of financial constraint and had to depend on the supernatural provision, whenever and wherever the natural fell short! 

It is time for us to know, understand and accept that our seasons have changed. It is time for us to trust in God for everything and not depend on our regular sources/resources, but adapt to an unusual way of life!

It is time for us to explore and get used to unexplored vistas and different terrain!

It is time for us to shift gears and learn to drive anew and afresh!

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