Friday Fictioneers





Wow, that’s picturesque!

You wouldn’t say that if you knew the place.

Why not? Love the place. Let’s go there!

Looks deceive.

Come on. You don’t want to take me there.

Of course , I don’t want you there.

Whaat! That’s my dream house. Water flowing by my house. Green all round.

No go. You don’t want to live there.

Why ever not?

That’s heart of that city when the river water overflowed the banks!

7 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers

  1. Rochelle. That picture was taken during the recent floods in Dec that ravaged the city of Chennai in S.India. The water body you see is actually a main thoroughfare that passes through a highly residential area. The river is actually 500-600 m away! Your photo prompt reminded me of it!


  2. Thanks Rochelle for the welcome. I would like to receive a honest appraisal of my writing. Please feel free to comment on my blogs as I want to grow.
    Ceeative criticism would help me refine my writing.
    This Friday effort is a great idea.
    God bless


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