Why Older Leaders Fight Change. http://www.philcooke.com/why-older-leaders-fight-change/.

This article points to research that older leaders and employees didn’t resist change because they have invested in old ones and not in the new, but because they think that the answer to every problem is to continue doing what they’ve always done.  So it’s not always pride, over-confidence, or resistance leaders exhibit but may be the DNA built into our systems. The study confirms that as we grow older, we tend to rely on past experience to get us through new challenges. It also points out that if we are not ready to change gears, look at the problem in new directions, and be open to alternatives, we would just sit around our laurels, remind ourselves of how great we used to be, and like the mice in the study, slowly starve to death.

For some time now I have been mulling on this:  Generation gap exists not because the young are growing but because the old are not evolving with them!

Change is inevitable in life and unless we, both young and old, accommodate, incorporate and adapt, will find ourselves sitting on the curb while life passes by us. We will be just spectators, not participators!

Its common accepted norm that as old people grow their bones stiffen & so does their attitude and their ideas. Everything about them gets atrophied because of lack of exercise. It may be true of our physique but that need not be the case with our heart snd mind. In fact, it shouldn’t be so!

The older one grows the more flexible one should become. Life has taught us and filled us with enough experience to flow with the tide, run with the flow and move with the stream. We know how to weather the storms, ride the waves and navigate the rapids. We could be such as a backbone and asset to the generation that follows.

Sure the young are often insensitive but can’t say that the old are any better. However, the onus is on the seniors who should be more mature and better at life.

After all, the characteristics of gold that makes it a prized precious metal is that it is malleable & ductile – flexible to be made into any shape.


Pic courtesy  The Hindu newspaper


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