A new season for my daughter and for me. My heart for her as she takes the first step out of home. (Written on Aug 29th, 2014, when my daughter left to study in Europe)

Andrea Utrecht

Fly away my daughter
To the heights unknown
To mountains unscaled
To paths untrod

Fly away my daughter
To places unseen
To loads uncared
To burdens unborne
To horrors untold

Fly away my daughter
To honors unashamed
To riches unlocked
To greatness unending
To fullness unfelt before.

Fly away my daughter
But always fly close to
Him who is the God of all that is big and small

Fly high my daughter
But fly secure under
The shadow of His wings who is the God of all Israel

As I sow you as a seed for His Kingdom sake
As I release you in to the open to fly in His skies
As you lift your eyes to new vistas and run to new horizons
I lift my hands in surrender to the God of all creation.

My only care is not for control over
But a prayer of blessing and a heart full of faith

That you would always be under power of His guidance
That would always be anchored to His care
That your head would always be in the clouds
But your feet firmly placed on the ground
That you would always know the quietness of His presence amidst the turmoil of the day

May the light of His countenance lighten your every darkness
May the grace of His presence be your abiding dwelling
May the love of Giddy be the comfort of your soul
May the power of His Spirit be your ever present help

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