Couple of thoughts strike.

One a couplet analogous to “Water, water everywhere, Not a drop to drink anywhere”  as BUILDINGS BUILDINGS EVERYWHERE, NOT A TREE IN SIGHT ANYWHERE!

Second, buildings of all types & sizes: tall, short, lean, fat; piled up lego sets forming narrow paths for toy cars, a child’s play.

An urban jungle (sic). The title is a misnomer. Jungle implies cool shades, leafy glades, swaying trees, rippling streams. flowery moss, twittering birds,  shadowy nooks, dappled sunlight, harmonious sounds and lurking life.

Here towering concrete structures, unyielding in their stance; radiation bouncing off them adding to the heat; horns honking adding to the din; imitation  light aiding artificial cooling; a world governed by metallic wealth.

World in a hurry, no time for living things – people, animals, birds, flowers, trees, etc. We have exchanged gold for tinsel. Sad, tragic that we don’t realize it.

In our search for Utopia, we have lost Shangri-la.




  1. For some people jungle means danger, a dark maze where you’re trapped and can’t find your way out, sounds of wild beasts that may or may not eat you, all hidden in an obscure dimness where rarely a ray of light comes through–and that for me is the urban jungle, too. 🙂 I love this, the stream of thoughts and finally the conclusion.

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  2. Much truth here…it is arguable that many of the original “hysterics” of the nineteenth-century were incurred by urbanization. Humanity left the natural for the artificial, and the new environment wracked too much stress on the psyche. Great story!


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