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I just read in Proverbs about learning from ants. Apart from the fact they gather food in summer for winter, what else can I learn?

Well, for one thing, ants are eusocial species, just like wasps.


They live in multi-generational family groups wherein a vast majority of individuals  cooperate to help a relatively few reproductive group members.


Due to constraints, some voluntarily give up their own rights to reproduce in order that a select few may.

That’s not fair.

Maybe not, but they are unselfishly sacrificing for the common good.

I wouldn’t give up anything.

Of course you would. You underestimate your love for us!

*In an age when individuality holds sway and a vast majority seem to go with “I, ME, MINE”, it was refreshing to see the quality of community sacrificial living in God’s creation, a true reflection of His heart!

18 thoughts on “CONSIDER HER WAYS & BE WISE!

  1. Not a story Neil, just a statement of facts. I came across them in my search for the writing subject. I loved the idea of multi-generational & sacrificial living


  2. Social insects can’t chose, hormones in the food make a queen, lack thereof makes a worker. 🙂 Humans can chose. There’s the hypothesis that altruism as a human (and primate) trait is an evolutionary means of survival. I can easily believe that. Those who help each other have a much better chance. Our societies used to live by, ‘women and children first’–wouldn’t that mirror the thought of sacrifice? Likewise soldiers, people who give their lives for others… I don’t think that thought is dead quite yet, but maybe buried under superficiality? And in really bad times, the good traits seem to resurface. Great thought-provoking non-story. 🙂

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  3. As humans we have the ability to get upset, angry and hostile, if we think that the game of life is not being played fairly. But what is fair?
    I was pleased to read your take on the prompt, at present my reading material is centred around the great philosophers. I will now consider multigenerational family.


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