Unclutter my mind, O Lord,
And free me from the shackles of wandering thoughts.
Help me disengage myself .
From the clutches of legitimate ways
And rise to sit in tranquil realms.

Cause me to unhand every hounding sin
That would trip me as I run to the grail
Or hamper me as I race down the well known trail.
Let me rest in the stillness of your love
Until it seeps in to soothen my soul.

May I not be swept away by the flood of hurry
But seek to step aside to sit by the side of the busy road.
Let me not roll around in the wash of a tumbling world
But quieten my soul in the shadows of the returning trend.

Time and tide may wait for no man, so they say,
But I long not to rush along and hurry in its sway
As God and I commune in the vastness of his ways!

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