​Babel is the site of multiplication of languages, the ensuing confusion and the dispersion that followed.  Babel is synonymous with “a confused mixture of sounds, voices, or languages; a confused assembly, and the origin of the word ‘babbling’.

Babel is also the site of man’s declaration and effort to ‘make a name for ourselves’. Dictionary defines this as being famous, well known, celebrated, prominent, popular, acclaimed, honored, exalted, much publicized etc.

Today, more than any time before, there exists a frenzy, an insane urgency to be well-known, advertised, promoted, celebrated, influential, accepted, acknowledged, advanced, etc. This is driving us to heights of selfishness, self-centredness and self-aggrandizement.

This narcissism is stripping us of all that makes us humans, the crown of creation and the image of God, compelling us to degenerate to the lowest level of satisfying animal instincts. One has to only note the increase of crimes against and abuse of the weak and lowly (children, women, elderly, infirm, downtrodden, etc) to bear witness to this.

It is making us strip our children of their appropriate seasons of growth, play and freedom to push them ahead into the rat race. We don’t understand that they could bloom too early and fade away too soon, like hothouse roses. One has only to watch the plethora of reality shows targeting kids to perceive this.

It is causing us to be impatient of the meek, inconsiderate of the weak, insistent with those who seek, imperative with the least and intolerant of most. In our race for the crown, we run roughshod over and uproot, not the weeds but the wheat. One has to only read of the increase of depression, suicides, emotional wrecks, drug abuse, promiscuity etc., to attest to this.

Its time to pause and take stock of it all, weigh the pros and cons, think through the issues, decide wisely, rest awhile, relax a moment, walk a mile, be content. Its time to choose not to be wildfires, wasting all before us but respect life as humans!

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