When God opens
No man can shut
When God closes
No man can desist!

When God blesses
No man can prevent.
When God witholds
No man can circumvent!

When God is for you
Who can be against you.
When God is not with you
Who dares be with you!

When God justifies
Who can condemn
When God lays a charge
Who can defend!

What does it matter
When God is on your side
What doesn’t matter
When God is on the opposite side!

When God moves
Who can restrain
when God stays
Who can sustain!

When God says Yes
We can but say Amen
When God says No
We can but restrain!

When God says go
Who can remain
When God says no
Who can detrain!

When God says tell
Who can be still
When God doesn’t tell
Who can foretell!

Where can we run
From the purview of God
Where can we hide
From the eyes of God!

Who can snatch us
From His holy hand,
Who can grab us
From His royal stand!

What can separate us
From the love of Christ
What can tear us
From His Father’s care!

These are but a few of His attributes
What can we do but pay Him tributes!
There are but a few He cannot do
What can we do but follow Him when He woos!


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