Give, for its the right thing to do,
Give, for its just what you need to do!
Give, for its the godly thing to do,
Give, for its what He wants you to do!

Give, in order to show Him thanks,
Give, in order to gather in close ranks!
Give, in order to make Him known,
Give, in order to help many of His own!

Give, when everything is alright,
Give, when you receive some insight!
Give, even when no one is around,
Give, even when you feel thrown down!

Give, as much you’ve been blest,
Give, with a heart full of zest!
Give, for God will take care of the rest,
Give, for there’s nothing to be distressed!

Give generously out of a clear heart,
Give graciously what you’ve set apart!
Give constantly with a clean start,
Give consistently to top the chart!

Give not in order to constrain,
Give not in order to restrain!
Give not without some pain,
Give not so as to have some gain!

Give, its something that’s been of old,
Give, its not something to put on hold!
Give, its just what His Word has told,
Give, for His wonders to behold!

*Poetic form of Sunday Sermon by Ps Suman Jonathan (@SumanJonathan)

*photo courtesy @timmarshal in

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