Pretty by name and pretty by mien,
You captured me first with your inner strain.
Pretty inside and pretty outside
Quite a few know the beauty of your grain.

So soft as the dove that gently coos,
So strong as the ox that greatly moos.
So innocent as a child that rests in trust
So wisely patient as a hen that sits in crust.

With dignity you rule your tiny kingdom
With humility you serve your simple domain.
With beauty of care you embrace your subjects
With love you overcome all your obstacles.

You often say you look up to me for help,
But its actually I, who often learns from you,
To taper my judgements, to constrain my pride
To react in peace, to reach out in love.

Let the calmness of your winsome ways,
Be the portion of my sought-after grace.
May the unhurried content in your face,
Be the continual motivation of my days!

.. © Sabina Tagore Immanuel
@Photo : Look what I shared! @MIUI

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