God loves to choose someone and send,
He’s does it from the beginning to the end,
He sent His Son from heaven for us to mend,
So we would to the world Him recommend!

His people He does call and apprehend,
Out of safety on Him to depend,
For them, He does others reprimand,
As they on earth do Him represent!

If you will but go when He does send,
To you His power He’ll always append.
You’ll have no fear of how do I spend,
For He will your provision superintend!

If you will but go when He does send,
His divine DNA will be your brand and descent.
Son & servant will greatly be entwined,
Within you as you are His marching band!

If you will but go when He does send,
You will be bold and fear no downtrend.
Your words will trumpet as a clear gospel sound,
Handing the devil a rout and a rebound!

If you will but go when He does send,
Your life will grow and be on the ascend.
The past won’t hinder you to stay and defend,
You’ll be on the move and on consistent transcend!

If you will but go when He does send,
He will be your constant guide and friend.
You’ll ne’er in confusion or in dead end be,
For you’ll really His will comprehend!

So what do you think you should intend,
When you hear His call and do attend?
Will you be wise to say I am here for you to send,
Or hide in doubt and choose to stay behind!

Go into the world today as one who’s sent,
By the Master of the Universe as His regent.
Fear not, just be His witness and don’t resist,
He’s with you in everything you entrust.

Be cool and walk the day in rest,
He just knows what for you is the best,
He’ll be with you in your ceaseless quest,
So just begin to do what He requests!

*Poetic form of Sunday Sermon by Ps Jacob John, Canada
*photo courtesy https://unsplash.com/search/photos/person

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