Fill us this day, O Spirit of God,
With the power promised by our Lord.
Fill us until we are overflowing the rim,
Thoroughly sated and up to the brim!

Anoint us again that we may be,
Navigating our trail as easy as it can be.
Saturate us with your wonderful presence,
That we may joyfully go about your business!

Touch us such that we would ever be,
Refreshed not dessicated as dry air.
Restore us such that we would ever be,
Renewed not dehydrated in despair!

Teach us to prioritize and progress,
So we won’t be depressed neither digress.
Help us to produce and reproduce
So we won’t be oppressed neither regress!

Let living waters out of our belly flow,
Pervading our systems and setting them aglow.
Help us really to consider and know,
Though broken, we still can rise and go!

Cover us with clouds of thundering rain,
Drenched with your life, we can overcome pain.
Fall softly on us like the morning dew,
Rejuvenated by your grace, we can surely grow!

Walk with us, dear Lord, as kith and kin,
So we can overcome sorrow and sin.
Reside with us, dear Friend, in life and death,
So we can rest assured you’re in till end!

*This was inspired by what Ps Benedict Joseph (@AjBenedict) prayed in Sunday Service at NLAG church, Little Mount, Chennai, S.India
*Photos courtesy http://unsplash.com

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