Thankful for the life you have given me,
Birthed safely from a woman, a woman to be.
Life could have ended in a fatal way,
But you thought to keep me until this beautiful day!
Thankful for the barren search of the early years,
When I walked the valley of teenage fears.
I floundered and flopped around with bitter tears,
Until you set my heart and feet towards solid shores!

Thankful for the times of marital growth,
While I resisted and fought the urge to bolt.
Balancing parenthood with wifehood wasn’t a breeze,
Until I knew you were the One I had to please!

Thankful for the season of serving publicly,
Where I saw my efforts bear fruit productively.
It was a favor you bestowed graciously,
I didn’t deserve even a bit of it seriously!

Thankful for the days that are yet to come,
The history of my past will enable me not to succumb.
Pleasures and pressures there are still to overcome,
You will hold me up until I am fully done!


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