Rest, He said, under my care,
I wouldn’t, as I sought to tear
Things apart with my share,
Unable to sit silent and bare.

Relax, He said, under my yoke,
I didn’t, for I knew the mock
This quiet stand would bring
And the ridicule that would sting.

Step back, He said, its my plan,
I struggled, for it felt so wrong
To do nothing, while others ran,
Here and there with burdens strong.

Calm down, He said, I know the way
I couldn’t, for I loved my role so dear.
It seemed a waste to be held at bay,
When a million things pulled at me near.

Be still, He said, know I am God
I wept, for I lost all I’d earned thus far.
I remembered His burden is light,
And His will the best for He’s my Lord.

I was all for doing,
He was all for abiding.
I thought I knew what is right,
But only He knows what’s best, day or night

Sabina Tagore Immanuel

*Photo courtesy

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