An infinite God Who is beyond comprehension,
Chooses me as His own without any aversion.
The God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob
Singles me out to make me His very own!

I am His masterpiece, the work of His Hand,
Fashioned as His exhibit, though made of sand!
He has made His pick, now I must make mine,
To respond to His call and make no whine.

Marked and branded by Him,
Hunted and haunted by Him,
I make Him my choice, following Him as I ought,
Worshipping Him as God, denying Him naught!

Chosen to be tested and proven to have no blame,
Willing to be made worthy to be called by His Name.
Chosen to obey and lay down my best,
I will not baulk, though I leave behind the rest.

How can I deny Him whatever be the cost,
He did sacrifice His Son to pay for my crime.
I choose to follow Him to the utmost,
For He is and always will be for me in time!

Sabina Tagore Immanuel

*Poem inspired sermon preached by Ps James spoken on Sunday 28th Oct 2018 in NLAG, Chennai, S.India
*Image credits Creator: roberthyrons Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto Copyright: roberthyrons Information extracted from IPTC Photo Metadata.

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