Shopping was a hobby and pastime when I was studying, working and single. Marriage and kids didn’t stop this hobby.

As the family grew, responsibilities increased and my energy decreased. So shopping became a delight relegated to special times such as festivals, weddings and gifts.

However, when incidental costs such as for travel became high, I discovered the delights of online shopping and became an expert in it.

Online shopping is like investing in stocks or playing the stock market. To gain good returns you need to know and assess the trends and be savvy and wise as a stockbroker!

*When COVID protocol was nowhere in sight, I wrote and made a video on both offline and online shopping. In hindsight, it seems that I had been intuitive and prophetic. You can find them in YouTube:

*Friday Fictioneers is a talented group of enthusiasts penning down a story, a poem, prose, etc., expressing their heart about a photo prompt ©Jan Wayne Fields

6 thoughts on “SHOPPING MADE EASY

  1. Dear Sabina,

    I’m a fan of online shopping. I used to enjoy getting out with crowds in the large malls. Those days are behind me and have been since long before the pandemic. Nicely done.




  2. I know I’m a little odd, but I’m a woman who has never enjoyed any shopping, ever. It ranks right up there with watching paint dry 🙂


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